The PASCAL STAR T3100-Series On Line UPS is designed with the  latest technology, making it distinguished by its performance and reliability.  The rectifier stage of PASCAL STAR T3100-Series implements PWM, high frequency  and power factor correction method. Therefore the input current is purely sine  wave, and power factor can be over 0.95. This UPS also have small harmonic  current drawn from the utility. All power stages are carefully designed to  optimize efficiency to save user’s operational cost.
PASCAL STAR T3100 series UPS are total high frequency, pure  online and intellectualized UPS.
They are also ideal power guarantee for file server,  enterprise server, central server, microcomputer, concentrator,  telecommunication system, data center, medical facilities and those requiring  high quality power protections. They can be widely used in many key business  areas such as post & telecom, finance, network, securities and railway,  etc.
PASCAL STAR T3100 series UPS are single-phase alternating  current input and output. Each series has two products including standard time  delay model and long time delay model.

– Truly On-line, Sine Wave output

– Microprocessor design

– Extraordinary Wide Input from 118VAC to 300VAC

– DC Cold-start

– High Input Power Factor >95%

– Power Output 1000VA, 2000VA, and 3000VA

– Galvanized Isolation Transformer (Optional)

– Warranty 1 year





PASCAL H Series On-Line UPS is designed with latest technology, making it distinguished by its performance and reliability. The input range is extraordinary wide from 118V to 300V so that the UPS can still run well in areas of poor utility and be robust in various applications. It also eliminates unnecessary battery discharges to prolong the life expectancy of battery. The rectifier stage of H Series implements high frequency, PWM, and power factor correction method. Therefore, the input current is purely sine wave, and power factor can be over 95%.

PASCAL H Series have very small harmonic current drawn from the utility. That is, it generates no interference to the utility. Beside, the inverter of the unit adopts newest and tough IGBT, high frequency PWM method. So it can response quickly to load change, especially the impressing capability of starting computer load. All power stages are carefully designed to optimal efficiency so as to save the user’s running cost, and minimize heat dissipation. The unit, controlled by the innovative software programs, can self-diagnose all the time and provides various status and data displayed clearly on the panel.

Tower and Rack Models

Tower and Rack models are both available. Tower model can minimize occupied space. Rack mount model can fit in the equipment rack to make the server room neat and clean. Rack mount model UPS come with the same size battery bank which matches the UPS.

6KVA-20KVA N+ 1 Parallel Redundancy

6KVA-20KVA, specially designed to provide redundant power protection solution, is able to perform parallel up to 3 UPS systems. With the high frequency PWM technology, the UPS attains high input power factor over 95% and avoids significant harmonic interference on the power workshop. The higher efficiency of the inverter enhances the overall efficiency of UPS and reduces the noise of the inverter as well.

Multiple interfaces Cards

With a Multi-interface slot and an additional Multi-interface card, various communications combinations are selectable. Including RS232, SNMP, RS485, AS-400, Modbus, USB, Dry Contact and customized interfaces. All interfaces enable at the same time.




-True Galvanic isolation design

Solve ultimately the problem of power system, including noise, lightning, and leakage current etc.


 -Protection against detaching and floating of the neutral of input power supply.

Ensure the safety and stability of the UPSpower output.
-No harms if incorrect operation

With friendly design, different from the strict operation procedure of other brands, UPS will not be damaged by any incorrect operation.



-Advanced technology DSP, IGBT and switching components

Increase the reliability and efficiency.

 -Multi-CPU design and software/hardware cooperate control

Make the system extremely high reliable.
-Plug & Play modular design

Permit quick and convenient maintenance

Each phase with individual inverter supporting

Characteristics will not be violated under 100% unbalance load

-Intelligent charger with temperature compensation

Prolong the battery life expectancy. And with huge charging power (selectable), can charge very big capacity, long backup time battery bank.
-Intelligent, safe battery test circuitry

Test the battery without the risk of output AC failure in case battery bad. And with battery fluid leakage and improper grounding detect circuitry, can ensure safety of the battery bank.

-Intelligent fan speed control

Increase the fan life expectancy and reduce audible noise.
-Reasonable heat evacuation passage design

Control circuitry and power circuitry are physically separated. Therefore, the UPS system can operate under harsh environment
-Cool start function

Can be started without AC mains (with battery only) and no any large surge current being drawn.
-Variety of accessory (option)

Remote control panel, 3 Phase PC Monitoring software, auto dialling module, battery monitoring module, 3 Phase SNMP card, and emergency stop switch are available.

-12-Pulse full Controlled rectifier (option)

Reduce harmonic current for 80KVA and above UPS.

 -Input harmonic Filter (option)

Reduce T.H.D. (Total Harmonic Distortion) of input current

-Parallel Operation (Option)

Connect up to 8 units to increase the capacity



Product Introduction

PASCAL HT33 series three phase UPS offers advanced  technology that increase performance and reliability: three high speed DSPs with  completed digital control fully ensure high quality of power supply, high input  power factor makes UPS green energy saving power. It also offers humanization  design: full front access of serviceability, user-friendly interface.

Application: ISP(Internet Service Provider), IDC(Internet Data  Center), Computing Center, Bank, Server Center, Precise equipment and etc.


1. Three phase in and out system, compatible with  utility of 380/400/415V, 50/60Hz

2. Online double conversion, offering load with  best power quality

3. Support all kinds of load, high overload  capability

4. Fully digital control with three DSPs including  IGBT rectifier, inverter, charger

5. Digital circulating current control technology,  increasing the parallel reliability

6. Wide input voltage windows, compatible with  different utilities

7. Green power technology, high input power  factor, low current THD, high efficiency

8. Intelligent battery management, extending  battery lifetime

9. Intelligent self-diagnose function, all kinds  of fault protection, large capability of history record storage

10. Full front maintenance, saving  space

11. Redundant design of power model fans,  increasing the system reliability

12. Modularized design of subsystem, convenient  field maintenance

13. High MTBF (mean time before  failure)(>200.000h), low MTTR(mean time to repair)(<0.5h)

14. Large LCD display, friendly human machine  interface

15. Configured with top and bottom cable  connection

16. All kinds of option include main back feed  protection, bypass back feed protection, battery leakage protection, battery  start kit and output isolation transformer lighting protection kit.





Haze berkantor pusat di Amerika Serikat. Fasilitas pabrik saat Haze didirikan di Huizhou, Guangdong Cina pada tahun 2001 dan telah berkembang pesat untuk memenuhi permintaan pasar yang terus meningkat.

Quality adalah prioritas Haze. Haze memperoleh akreditasi penuh ISO 9001 oleh Inspeksi SGS dari Inggris pada tahun 2002. Untuk memastikan kepatuhan standar tertentu, kontrol kualitas dan sistem jaminan yang ketat dilaksanakan pada Haze dari bahan sumber untuk produksi, dan kemasan untuk pengiriman.

Bahan baku sebagian besar diperoleh dari Jerman, dan produk UL dan CE diakui. Baterai Haze telah dikenal dengan baik di lebih dari 30 negara terutama di Eropa dan America.Haze khusus dalam baterai timbal asam disegel isi ulang yang produk berkisar termasuk 2V, 6V & 12V AGM dan GEL jenis.

Baterai Haze ini sangat cocok digunakan untuk berbagai macam tipe UPS.


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